Buying.com Rush (E-commerce On Demand)

E-Commerce On Demand RUSH Services connects Buying.com Drivers with businesses and individuals who need to schedule On-Demand Pick-Ups and Deliveries.


Private pickups - Delivery of important documents - Medicine Pickups - Clothing Pickups - Keys you left at your friends house - a briefcase you left at Applebees.- Food from a special location - Something you need from Staples or Home depot. THE LIST IS ENDLESS - Flat fee of $19.95 for a 5 mile radius (50 cents per mile over 5 miles)


(Buying Rush) is an incredibly convenient service. Individuals can have practically anything they want delivered to their door. Businesses can offer unlimited delivery options without any overhead and ultimately boost their bottom line by increasing sales. Everyone’s going to love this.


Just click on the ENTER RUSH INFO on the top of the site and a driver will be on his way to make your specail pickup.