How It Works

Now any business - restaurant or consumer Now has ON DEMAND DELIVERY FROM THE PALM OF YOUR HAND. From a tablet, any cell phone, or desktop a driver on demand is available in 50 states. is the reliable on-demand solution designed with your business in mind. Request a driver anytime, track your orders, streamline your delivery costs, and drive incremental orders. Delivery has never been this easy. (99.98 Success delivery rate)

Create an account and you are live to have your personal driver available to handle food pickups, a grocery store order, clothes at the cleaners that you forgot, your pharmacy prescription picked up, legal or accounting papers that you need in a rush, the list is endless.

Restaurants & Businesses now can eliminate the stress and dealing with drivers that don't come to work, have breakdowns, late shows, insurance problems, w2 and 1099 risks. removes those issues by providing a technological platform that provides you a driver 24 hours a day or multiple drivers if you are busy during peak times and no costs to you during slow periods. A simple press of a button on a tablet and a driver is dispatched to your location to make your food or product pickup/delivery. All standard trips are flat rate billed at $7.89 per delivery for the first 5 miles.

Consumers just need to let your pickup location know that a driver will be there shortly to make your pick up. Whether it is food from your favorite restaurant or a prescription at Walgreens just have the order paid for and request a driver. It's that easy.

Simply LOGIN - Enter A Delivery Address & The Driver Is On The Way (See Below)