Electrical Test Meters

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Check voltage quickly and safely with the 110/220 VAC Voltage Tester from Commercial Electric. Desig..
$4.97 Ex Tax: $4.97
Test AC/DC voltage and battery strength with the Commercial Electric Analogue Multi-meter. This mult..
$15.32 Ex Tax: $15.32
The Commercial Electric Manual Ranging Digital Multi-meter MS8301B features solid structure and rubb..
$40.37 Ex Tax: $40.37
Functioning as a battery tester also, the Commercial Electric Manual Ranging Digital Multi-Meter MS8..
$26.82 Ex Tax: $26.82
Engineered to specifications required by professional electricians the innovative 2-in-1 DualCheck T..
$25.38 Ex Tax: $25.38
The Commercial Electric Digital Clamp Meter MS2033C features solid structure and rubber shell. The c..
$40.37 Ex Tax: $40.37
Commercial Electric MS8907H is Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector. The tester could be used for non-con..
$13.05 Ex Tax: $13.05
Drafts around uninsulated windows and doors are a major cause for high energy bills. With the IRT205..
$23.37 Ex Tax: $23.37
The Professional Digital Pinless Moisture Meter from General Tools is a non-marring, pinless moistur..
$45.37 Ex Tax: $45.37
Klein Tools CL210 is an automatically ranging digital-clamp meter that measures AC current via the c..
$69.37 Ex Tax: $69.37
Klein Tools CL600 is an automatically ranging true mean square (TRMS) digital clamp-meter that measu..
$99.40 Ex Tax: $99.40
Klein Tools CL700 is an automatically ranging true root mean square (TRMS) digital clamp-meter that ..
$136.40 Ex Tax: $136.40
Klein Tools MM600 is an automatically ranging digital multimeter that measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC ..
$80.86 Ex Tax: $80.86
Quickly and accurately find the corresponding circuit breaker of 120-Volt standard outlets with the ..
$57.88 Ex Tax: $57.88
Klein Tools IR5 is a professional dual-laser targeting infrared thermometer, offering a wide measure..
$69.37 Ex Tax: $69.37
Klein Tools Clamp Meter Kit includes the CL110 400A Auto-Ranging Digital Clamp Meter, RT210 GFCI Rec..
$75.12 Ex Tax: $75.12
Klein Tools updated Electrical Test Kit contains MM300 (Manual-Ranging digital Multimeter), NCVT-1 (..
$46.33 Ex Tax: $46.33
ET60 is a solid-state electronic voltage tester designed by electricians, for electricians. It featu..
$25.40 Ex Tax: $25.40
Use the Electronic Voltage/Continuity Tester to help test volt readings and continuity. The tester o..
$46.34 Ex Tax: $46.34
The Klein Tools Non-Contact Voltage Tester uses non-contact voltage detection technology for the det..
$23.37 Ex Tax: $23.37
New from Klein, the Non-Contact Voltage Tester now features an IR thermometer. The NCVT-4IR provides..
$55.40 Ex Tax: $55.40
The Klein Tools Test Lead Set features removable alligator clips that attach to wires and other cond..
$18.80 Ex Tax: $18.80
Ryobi introduces the Power Tracer, a safe and easy solution to begin electric work. The Power Tracer..
$30.37 Ex Tax: $30.37
A must-have tester for audio/video installers and datacom technicians, the WireTracker Wire Tracer r..
$46.37 Ex Tax: $46.37