3M 12 fl. oz. Large Hole Wall Repair Kit

3M 12 fl. oz. Large Hole Wall Repair Kit

Provider: 3M
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3M Large Hole Wall Repair Kit is an innovative large hole repair kit that allows every DIYer to fix their walls like a professional. Using a new behind-the-wall system and fiber reinforced compound allows an easy fix for holes ranging from 3 in. to 5 in. Comes with necessary tools to help with wall repair.

  • Includes a 12 fl. oz. tub of wall repair compound
  • A 6 in. self-adhesive back plate is included
  • Use the 6 in. putty knife to make repair
  • Use the 3M sanding pad to smooth the surface after patching
  • Repair damaged areas on walls and ceilings
  • Firmly holds nails and screws
  • Saves time and delivers professional results
  • You can get results so professional, you'll forget the repair is there