So Phresh Washable Diaper for Dogs, X-Small

So Phresh Washable Diaper for Dogs, X-Small

Provider: So Phresh Washable Diaper for Dogs
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Many dogs suffer from incontinence or have accidents. That's why you'll love how So Phresh Washable Diapers keep your home extra fresh without the mess. Plus, you'll soon discover that these diapers have a lot of uses for dogs of all ages! Check them out... Heat Tracking: using diapers when your girl is in heat can help track the days or length of her heat. Travel: Does your pet get travel sick of any kind? Does your pet dislike travel so much that he or she has an accident? Let So Phresh Washable Diapers help prevent leaks until you reach your destination. Excitement or Marking: Let's get real, this behavior stinks, but it's just a reality for some pet parents. Use a So Phresh Washable Diaper and you'll keep you and your pet on happier terms all while maintaining a fresh, clean home.

  • An eco-conscious alternative to disposable dog diapers
  • Available in five sizes with adjustable tabs, so you can find the perfect fit for your pup
  • Contains accidents with a moisture-wicking liner, super absorbent microfiber pads, a leak-proof barrier, and quick-dry outer fabric
  • Includes two machine washable dog diapers
  • Can be used with female dogs in heat