Staples Clasp Kraft Envelopes, 10" x 13", Brown, 250/Box (487494/17243)

Staples Clasp Kraft Envelopes, 10" x 13", Brown, 250/Box (487494/17243)

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Keep your important documents secured with the clasp closure of these brown envelopes

With a size of 10 inches by 13 inches, this large envelope can easily hold business contracts, formal letters, event invitations or even certificates of achievement that you need to send through the mail. The light brown color is opaque and prevents peo ple from seeing inside and gathering any personal information. Seal it shut with the heavily gummed flap, or secure it in place with the reusable metal clasp. Choose both methods for extra protection against your document falling out in the mail. The 28 -pound paper is sturdy enough to provide gentle protection, while also being light enough to not increase your postage bill.

  • Brown kraft 28-pound paper prevents your postage bill from skyrocketing
  • 10" x 13" size holds most papers
  • Gummed flap and reusable metal clasp provide double protection
  • 250 per box
Keep work and personal documents organized and ready for transport with these Staples clasp Kraft envelopes. The 28-pound paper provides ideal support for heavy or bulky mailings, while the heavily gummed flap and reusable metal clasp ensure the security of your items. The 10 inch by 13 inch envelopes securely fit letter-sized documents with lots of extra wiggle-room for multiple-page reports or manuscripts. Each box contains 250 Staples brown clasp envelopes, providing an economical option for offices large and small.

Sturdy and Secure
Constructed from heavyweight 28-pound Kraft paper, these clasp envelopes protect documents even through lengthy shipments and extended handling, ensuring your reports, manuscripts and documents reach their destination safe and secure. The heavily gummed flap and metal clasp provide secure options for a permanent seal or reusable storage.

Large Size
The 10 inch by 13 inch envelope size provides extra space for shipping extra letter size pages or over sized documents. These Kraft clasp envelopes also provide room for padding of important documents or fragile materials, such as picture frames or certificates.

Economical Quality
These Staples brown clasp envelopes come in boxes of 250, making them an easy and economical choice for businesses that need to spend wisely without sacrificing quality. The Staples 100 percent satisfaction guarantee lets you rely on these envelopes to do the job time and time again.