Staples Liquid Glue Pens, 2/Pack (10451)

Staples Liquid Glue Pens, 2/Pack (10451)

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This Staples liquid glue pen features no-spill liquid office glue and comes in two per pack.

This liquid glue pen with applicator pad is easy to use and bonds permanently to paper. Sold as two per pack, this pen is non-toxic and does not leave residue behind.

  • 1.75 oz
  • Two per pack
  • Staples Brand 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Ideal for general use and projects around the office, school or home
  • Sponge-tip applicator
  • Glue washes out, even when dry
  • Conforms to ASTM D-4236
  • Safety Data Sheet

Keep a few packs of Staples liquid glue pens around the office so you'll always be prepared when you need to seal an envelope or package or glue pieces of paper together. Each pen has its own applicator pad, and the pens are leak-free and easy to use.

Easy to Use
You do not need any tools or instruments to securely glue paper surfaces with Staples liquid glue pens. Each pen comes self-contained with an applicator.

No Mess
The pad dispenses as much glue as you need, where you need it. Staples liquid glue pens do not leave residue behind. If you do inadvertently get some glue on your fingers or desktop, just use a moist rag or sponge to remove it, as it is water-soluble.

Safe and Effective
The glue inside Staples liquid glue pens is nontoxic and bonds permanently. You can also find permanent glue tape at Staples.