Liquid Paper® Dryline® Grip Correction Tape, Assorted Colors, 2/pk (87813)

Liquid Paper® Dryline® Grip Correction Tape, Assorted Colors, 2/pk (87813)

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Hide typos and other goofs with Liquid Paper Dryline Grip Correction Tape in colored dispensers.

These Liquid Paper Dryline Grip Correction Tape dispensers help hide mistakes on paper. The dry application eliminates potential for smearing, while the super-strong tape resists tearing.

  • Assorted colors include one blue and one purple
  • Tape measures 1/5 of an inch by 355 inches
  • Super strong, tear-proof film resists breaking
  • Dry application allows for mess-free corrections
  • Comes in a package of two
  • Applies white and dry for instant corrections and excellent coverage
  • 1 line coverage
  • Unique shape and grip provide comfort and control
  • Unique comfort grip and super-strong polymer-back tape that resists breaking
  • Smooth lay down with no mess, great for correcting single or multiple lines of text before copying or faxing
  • Strong 8.5 m (27.9') tearproof film resists breaking
  • Includes one blue and one purple
  • Safety Data Sheet

Make precise corrections with Liquid Paper DryLine Grip in assorted colors. The tear-proof tape resists breaks, allowing you to evenly conceal your errors. Use this convenient accessory to clean up mistakes and prepare documents for copying. This 2-pack set includes one blue and one purple dispenser.

Even Coverage
Instantly hide errors on your papers with the Liquid Paper DryLine correction film. The applicator releases a smooth tape-like material to evenly conceal typos, and the film's width is ideally sized to cover entire lines of text. We also offer a miniature applicator, so you can tackle tiny errors without covering important text.

Dry Application
The convenient dispenser emits a dry tape that securely bonds to the paper without leaving runny fluid or needing time to dry. Dry application saves time when you need to make corrections quickly and efficiently and completely eliminates messiness from the equation.

Durable Design
The correction film is resilient against rips and breaks, so you can cover typos consistently without needless stops and starts. The dispenser features a handy grip that helps you apply pressure evenly and comfortably operate the correction tape for extended time periods.