Manischewitz Matzos Whole Wheat Sodium Free

Manischewitz Matzos Whole Wheat Sodium Free

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10 oz box


Manischewitz® Whole Wheat Matzos. L'Chaim! To life! Quality since 1888. Not for passover. All natural. No sodium. Low fat. Healthy body. Healthy spirit. Over 120 years L'Chaim! Thanks to your support, we have become the leading provider of kosher foods and America's number one baker of matzo. We continue our commitment to deliver an assortment of foods that meet the highest quality of kosher standards. We would like you to try some of our other delicious food items that are available all year round: Grape juice. Matzo ball & soup mix. Potato pancake mix. Whole grain noodles. Tam tam crackers. All natural broths. All natural soups. For product information, recipes and more, visit us at: www.manischewitz.com. Printed with soy ink. Printed on recycled cardboard. This product is sold by weight, not volume. Some settling may have occurred during handling, but it contains the full weight. Pas Yisroel. Yoshon flour. Challah is taken. This product is lactose free and vegetarian. www.manischewitz.com.

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