Get Blasters For Your Deliveries


Meet the reliable on-demand solution designed with your business in mind. Request a driver anytime, streamline your delivery costs, and drive incremental orders. Delivery has never been this easy.

Phone orders, small requests, big events, special deliveries, and anything else. Buying.com Drive Assist enables restaurants to offer delivery for orders you receive from your customers directly.

Flat fee of $6.99 per delivery, great for when you have no drivers available. Great when you are swamped and need some extra man power. Just log onto your Buying.com account press Buy Blaster and 15 minutes later a driver will show up to pick up your order to deliver it to your customer for you. 

Hit the HELP button on your admin once you Register and we are on the way to save you time and money and give your customers the service they deserve. All deliveries done with 150 Degree Hot Bags. 

Do you find yourself at times understaffed and deliveries running late?

Do you turn away people because you don’t deliver at all?

Now with Buying.com as your delivery partner we solve all these issues and more with a push of a button.