Frequently Asked Questions

What does being a Blaster entail:

Delivering ecommerce, food, and necessities items from local merchants to customers within a 30 minute to 2 hour schedule.

What is required to be a Blaster:

You must be 18 years old and have an iPhone or Android smartphone. You can use any car to deliver, as long as you have a valid driver’s license, insurance, and a clean driving record.

Where is Buying.com available.

We are currently operating in the state of NJ and NY for all Ecommerce deliveries.

We are operating in 37 states for the Rush Service:

Do I need my own insurance? 

Yes, while doing business as an independent contractor, you are required to maintain your own insurance, in the amounts and of types required by law which includes, but is not limited to, an auto insurance policy. If you fail to maintain your own insurance, Buying.com coverage may not apply.

When will I get paid?

You get paid on a weekly basis for all deliveries completed between Monday to Sunday. Payments are transferred at that time directly to your bank account through Direct Deposit, and arrives on Tuesday morning in your bank account.

Buying.com guarantees all drivers $8.00 per hour for every hour working or waiting for deliveries. All tips cash and credit card is in addition to the $8.00 per hour guarantee. $5.00 per pick up is the Buying.com rate. If you do 20 contract pick ups a day you are paid $100.00 for those pickups.

We offer full time contract independent blocks of time positions from 11.00 to 9.30

Part time 11-2 and 5-10 pm seven days a week.

You are hired as a 1099 independent contractor. Set your own work schedule and hours. Blocks of time are available to choose from.

How do  you update your info:

Please go to

1.  www.buying.com

2. Then Press Sign in on top

3. Login with Email and password this is also now for your app on your cell phone.

4. Then press my account

5. Then press Edit Your Account Info

Info for Drivers: To Launch Driving

Very simple registration process. 

  1. Complete this registration page
  2. Download the Buying.com Driver App on your CELL PHONE after you register and use the email and password you just registered with. 
  3. You will receive a Text from the Admin within minutes to get your hours programmed in so that you can start driving today. You are a independent contractor so you can select any available blocks of hours that are available.

    Independant Contractor Drivers Guidelines 
  1. All drivers need to have the Buying.com App on 15 minutes before they get to their driving destination.
  2. If a Driver has an emergency (Flat Tire – Pulled Over By Police – Accident) immediate notification to the admin must be made by pressing the chat button on the App or texting the admin directly. (weather you are carrying food or not at that time)
  3. Buying.com will provide blue polo or T shirts and a Hot Bag to assist you. You are representing businesses and Buying.com so proper attire is the best.
  4. All drivers should have the insulated hot bags and catering bags with them when they walk into a business. (If you are new it may take a few days for the Admins to have that shipped or dropped off to you, notify admin if you have not received your package within 10 days)
  5. Payroll is from Monday to Sunday with Ach Transfer on Tuesday am plus all Credit card Tips are added at that time also.
  6. If you have a delivery that is (Trays of food – Large Boxes – Many Pizza’s – Anything that you may consider to be catering please press the catering button on the phone from NO to YES and a extra image will pop up allowing you to take the picture of what you are carrying. This is done at delivery - then take the picture of the food - and then if the customer puts on a credit card tip – enter the Tip amount and the Image of the receipt and SUBMIT. (This is critical to assure all drivers TIPs are being added to the weekly payroll.)
  7. We would like as much notice as possible when you are not going to be able to work or if you are running late.
    Weekend shifts go to first come first serve basis - if you want to work the weekends please text Admin as soon as you know you can work and the shift hours and if the slot is not already taken they will assign that to you.
    Any questions on the number of hours or Tips that you worked for can be asked to the admin (please allow 30 minutes for a response if it is data that needs to be looked up or if during the busy hours.
  8. If you go to a delivery address and are having a problem connecting to the receiver of the food there is a phone number in the upper right side giving you the contact phone number of the recipient.
  9. Most Important – To save time and expenses and to maximize your days production when it is a Cash delivery - The business will always give you the food without paying for it and then as you collect the money from the customer you would return to the restaurant. If you are capable of paying the $10 to $40 for the food delivery then it is always best to do it that way to save time so you don’t have to return to the restaurant. You will be receiving the money back in a few minutes when you make the delivery. This saves 35% of your working day if you don’t have to return since then you can select the next delivery.
  10. During Rush hours it is always more important to grab the next delivery order rather then driving back to the previous restaurant, there is no time table for the return of the cash to the restaurant other than to have it delivered back before you go off shift so the store can close out their receipts.
  11. Always take the photos of the receipts in the upright position of the phone (Vertical) Not sideways.
  12. Always have a pen with you for the customer signing the credit card receipt.
  13. Make sure you have your phone fully charged and have a car charger with you at all times. If the phone turns off you won’t be able to see any orders that you can select.